• Question: what is the difference between your dads job and your job?

    Asked by sasha to Noel, nina, Gowthaman, Diana, Alice on 14 Mar 2019.
    • Photo: Gowthaman Parivendhan

      Gowthaman Parivendhan answered on 14 Mar 2019:

      Both my dad and I are engineers but my dad is a civil engineer who primarily works in the construction of thermal power plants. Meanwhile, I’m a mechanical engineer specialized in simulations/numerical modelling. Therefore, he has to work a lot out in the field while my work is mostly in the university 🙂

    • Photo: Diana Abrunhosa

      Diana Abrunhosa answered on 15 Mar 2019:

      My dad is a hydrogeologist, he basically assess the soil mechanics with water influence like when you need a well, how good is the soil, how is the groundwater etc etc, and i work with every aspect of the water, since water treatment plants to drainage of the streets! He is not an engineer but he knows a lot as he is always working with teams with engineers 🙂